Sue Monk Kidd Quote ~ Safe


“The truth will set you free, but first it will shatter the safe sweet way you live.”

Art by François Gérard.
Sue Monk Kidd bio.


Gloria Steinem Quote ~ Truth

“The truth will set you free.  But first, it will piss you off.”

Boris D. Grigoriev art.
Gloria Steinem bio.

Anais Nin Quote ~ Reality

“We are like sculptors, constantly carving out of others the image we long for, need, love or desire; often against reality.”

Armand Seguin art.
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Elizabeth 1 Quote ~ Fake

“Those who appear the most sanctified are the worst.”

Margaret Gillies art.
Elizabeth 1 bio.

Ayn Rand Quote ~ Judgement

“It’s so  much easier to pass judgement on a man than on an idea.”

Art by Albert Herter.
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Anais Nin Quote ~ Truth

“Few human beings receive the truth complete and staggering, by instant illumination.  Most acquire it fragment by fragment.”

Art by Arthur Hughes.
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Gretta Vosper Quote ~ Truth


“Truth is more likely to live in the wreckage of an outsider’s attack than in the the perfectly manicured gardens of a blatantly sympathetic argument.”

Art by Boris Kustodiev.
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