Raheel Raza Quote ~ Muslim

“The images that you see in print or on CNN are not even remotely reflective of the lives of Muslim women in general.”

Alexandre Cabanel art.
Raheel Raza bio.

Annie Besant Quote ~ Worship

“Sun-worship and pure forms of nature-worship were, in their day, noble religions, highly allegorical but full of profound truth and knowledge.”

Edward Potthast art.

Annie Besant bio.

Elizabeth 1 Quote ~ Fake

“Those who appear the most sanctified are the worst.”

Margaret Gillies art.
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Diana Athill Quote ~ Life

It is so obvious that life works in terms of species rather than individuals.  The individual just has to be born, to develop to the point at which it can procreate and then fall away into death to make way for its successors and humans are no exception whatever they may believe.”

Daniel Ridgway art.
Diana Athill bio.

Etta Palm d’Aelders Quote ~ Rights

“He who votes against the rights of another, whatever that person’s religion, colour or sex maybe, has by the same token forsworn his own.”

Art by Theodor Kaufmann.
 Palm d’Aelders bio.

Annie Besant Quote ~ Religion

“Religions are branches from a common trunk — human ignorance.”

Edwin  Austin Abbey art.
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Benazir Bhutto Quote ~ Islam

“I see Islam as committed to tolerance, equality and to the principal of democracy.”

Art by Alice Pike Barney.
Benazir Bhutto bio.

Annie Besant Quote ~ Worthless

“The things which a woman of the world thinks valuable, a spiritual woman must cast aside as worthless.”

Art by Edward Huges.
Annie Besant bio.

Corrie ten Boom Quote ~ God

“Every experience God gives us, every person He puts into our lives, is the perfect preparation for a future only He can see.”

Art by Boris Kustodiev.
Corrie ten Boom bio.

Annie Besant Quote ~ Atheism


“No philosophy, no religion, has ever brought so glad a message to the world as this good news of Atheism.”

Art by Albert Newhuys.
Annie Besant bio.

Corrie ten Boom Quote ~ Prayer

“What wings are to a bird and sails to a ship, so is prayer to the soul.”

Art by Alfred Bricher.
Corrie ten Boom bio.

Gretta Vosper Quote ~ Truth


“Truth is more likely to live in the wreckage of an outsider’s attack than in the the perfectly manicured gardens of a blatantly sympathetic argument.”

Art by Boris Kustodiev.
Gretta Vosper bio.

Margaret Atwood Quote ~ Bible


“The Bible is full of meat: animals being sacrificed, lambs, bullocks, and doves. Cain was right to offer up vegetables. God was wrong to refuse him.”

Gretta Vosper Quote ~ Belief

“What religious belief in the afterlife has caused us to do, and continues to cause us to do to the earth, to ourselves and to one another, has ranged from helpful, through harmful, all the way to heinous.”

Art by Carlos Schwabe.
Gretta Vosper bio.

Gretta Vosper Quote ~ Wisdom

“I’m suggesting that we boldly, comfortably  and confidently write out own sacred wisdom again, this time gleaning from scripture all that is life-enhancing but none that is not.”

Art by Carl Vilhelm Holsoe.
Gretta Vosper bio.