Gloria Steinem Quote ~ Truth

Gloria Steinem quote truth will set you free piss you off“The truth will set you free.  But first, it will piss you off.”

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Mattie Huges Cannon Quote ~ Equality

“One of the principal reasons why women should vote is that all men and women are created free and equal.”

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Freya Stark Quote ~ Solitude

Freya Stark Quote ~ Solitude "Solitude: pleasant ingredient to ordinary life." Alexander M. Rossi art.“Solitude: pleasant ingredient to ordinary life.”

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Ayn Rand Quote ~ Freedom

“Freedom (n):  To ask nothing.  To expect nothing.  To depend on nothing.”

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Alice Harris Quote ~ Homeless

“Don’t tell me that you’re pitiful because you’re homeless.  You just need help; ain’t nothing pitiful about that.”

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