Donella Meadows Quote ~ Understand

“You think that because you understand “one” that you must therefore understand “two” because one and one make two. But you forget that you must also understand “and ” .Donella Meadows quote. (environmental scientist)

Anais NIn Quote ~ Planet

“…it’s pretty clear that we should share the planet, not divide it.”

Adolfo Belimbeau art.
Anais Nin bio.

Mairead Corrigan Maguire Quote ~ Environment

“We need to take seriously our green politics where we start protecting the earth.  We need to work together as a human family.”

Abbott F. Graves art.
Mairead Corrigan bio.


Vandana Shiva Quote ~ Seed


“The beauty of the seed is that out of one you can get millions… genetic modification is a deliberate creation of scarcity.”

Camille Pissaro art.
Vandana Shiva bio.

Vandana Shiva Quote ~ The Planet

“It is not an investment if it is destroying the planet.”

Art by Camille Nicolas Lambert
Vandana Shiva bio.

Vandana Shiva Quote ~ GMO

“When it comes to owning the seed for collecting royalties, the GMO companies say, “It’s mine.” But when it comes to contamination, cross-pollination, health problems, the response is “we’re not liable.”

Art by Berthe Morisot.
Vandana Shiva bio.

Karen Clark Quote ~ Sacred Feminine


“…the season of the sacred feminine is upon us, bringing with it a return to a simpler, natural, life-centered ethos that puts people and the environment above money and things.”

Art by Carl Holsoe.
Karen Clark bio.

Gretta Vosper Quote ~ Belief

“What religious belief in the afterlife has caused us to do, and continues to cause us to do to the earth, to ourselves and to one another, has ranged from helpful, through harmful, all the way to heinous.”

Art by Carlos Schwabe.
Gretta Vosper bio.