Andréa Balt Quote ~ Culture


“Immersing ourselves in cultures other than the one we call “our own” is essential in our education, development and evolution.  It also ignites our creativity and expands our world”

Edgar Degas art.
Andrea Balt’s short bio.

Mary Wollstonecraft Quote ~ Man

“…here is the sexual difference, when the education has been the same, all the difference that I can discern, arises from the superior advantage of liberty which enables the man to see more of life.”

Arturo Ricci art.
Read Mary Wollstonecraft’s bio.

Etta Palm d’Aelders Quote ~ Success

“Do you believe that the desire for success is less becoming to us than to you?  And if devotion to study, patriotic zeal, virtue itself is as natural to us as to you, why do we not receive the same education and the same means to acquire them?”

Charles Haigh Wood art.
Etta Palm d’Aelders bio.


Mary Wollstonecraft Quote ~ Education

“…the education of the rich tends to render them vain and helpless, and the unfolding mind is not strengthened by the practice of those duties which dignify the human character.  They only live to amuse themselves.”

Pimen Nikitich Orlov art.
Mary Wollstonecraft bio.