Remember to enjoy the journey and the scenery along the way." Art Brake Baldwin.

Katrina Mayer Quote ~ Journey

“Remember to enjoy the journey and the scenery along the way.”

Art Brake Baldwin.
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Nina Simone Quote ~ Sanity

“What kept me sane was know that things would change and it was a question of keeping myself together until they did.”

Augustus Edwin Mulready art.
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Mandy Hale Quote ~ Moments


“Let every moment be what it’s going to be.  What’s meant to be will come your way. What’s not will fall away.”

Art by Johannes Blommers
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Mandy Hale Quote ~ Attitude

“A bad attitude can literally block Love, Blessings and Destiny from finding you.  Don’t be the reason you don’t succeed.”

Art by Berthe Morisot.
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Rosa Luxemburg Quote ~ Destiny

“Being human means throwing your whole life on the scales of destiny when need be, all the while rejoicing in every sunny day and every beautiful cloud.”

Alonso Perez art.
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Anais Nin Quote ~ Life

“There is not one big cosmic meaning for all.  There is only the meaning we each give to our life — an individual plot.”

Arthur Hughes art.
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Andrea Nugent Quote ~ Destiny


“Sometimes things happen to us that we just don’t understand which becomes the doors and windows to our destiny.”

Art by Camille Pissarro.
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