Billie Jean King Quote ~ Sports

Billie Jean King quote sports teaches character

“Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose – it teaches you about life.”

C. Edouard Boutibonne art.
Billie Jean King bio.


Joyce Meyer Quote ~ Patience

“Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

Art Berthe Morisot.
Joyce Meyer bio.

Eleonora Duse Quote ~ Riches

“I have the greataest of all riches:  that of not desiring them.

Donna Schuster art.
Eleanora Duse bio.

Ayn Rand Quote – Sacrifice

“Self-sacrifice? But it is precisely the self that cannot and must not be sacrificed.”

Elizabeth J. Gardner Bourjuerre art.
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Anais Nin Quote ~ Walls

“I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another.  No more walls.”

Anais Nin bio.
Art by Anthony Troncet

Annie Besant Quote ~ Character

“Only according to our ignorance are we helpless.  Thought creates character.”

Art by Boris Kustodiev.
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Miuccia Prada Quote ~ Work Hard

“The only way to do something in depth is to work hard.”

Art by Camille Pissarro.
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Benazir Bhutto Quote ~ Idea

“You can imprison a man, but not an idea.  You can exile a man, but not an idea.  You can kill a man but not an idea.”

Art by Charles Haigh-Wood.
Benazir Bhutto bio.

Frieda Lefeber Quote ~ Keep Busy

“I keep busy every hour of the day.  I don’t baby myself. I think it’s foolish. You have to be daring.”

Art by Bartolomeo Giuliano.
Frieda Lefeber bio.

Florence Nightingale Quote ~ Work

“I think one’s feelings waste themselves in words; they ought all to be distilled into actions which bring results.”

Florence Nightengale bio.
Art by Camille Pissarro.

Rafea Um Gomar Quote ~ Potential

“Have more trust in your own potential and be sure and confident about yourself, learn as much as you can.  We need to go on and learn and learn and make our lives better.”

Art by Carl Hoff.
Rafea Um Goma bio.

Florence Nightingale Quote ~ Discontent

“Were there none who were discontented with what they have, the world would never reach anything better.”

Florence Nightingale bio
Art by Camille Pissarro.

Rebecca West Quote ~ Feminism

“I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.”

Art by Carl Larsson.
Rebecca West bio.