Freya Stark Quote ~ Minds

“I do like people who have not yet made up their minds about everything, who in fact are still receiving.”

Cecilia Beaux art.
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Anais Nin Quote ~ Dreams

“Throw your dreams into the sky like a kite.  You do not know what it will bring back…a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.”

Alphonse Osbert art.
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Virginia Woolf Quote ~ Life

“What is the meaning of life?…the great revelation had never come.  Instead there were little daily miracles, illuminations, matches struck unexpectantly in the dark…”

Charles Courtney Curran art.
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Rosa Luxemburg Quote ~ Destiny

“Being human means throwing your whole life on the scales of destiny when need be, all the while rejoicing in every sunny day and every beautiful cloud.”

Alonso Perez art.
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Olympe de Gouges Quote ~ Rights

“Property belongs to both sexes whether united or separated, it is for each of them an inviolable and sacred right.”

Alonzo Perez art.
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Mary Woolstonecraft Quote ~ Independence

“Independence I have long considered as the grand blessing of life…independence I will ever secure by contracting my wants, though I were to live on a bearren heath.”

Alfred J. Woolmer art.
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Freya Stark Quote ~ Love

“Love of learning is a pleasant and universal bond since it deals with what one is and not what one has.

Darren Thompson art.
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Anais Nin Quote ~ Power

“You are in charge of how you react…you can either give negativity power over your life or  you can choose happiness instead.”

Antonio Torres art.
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Freya Stark Quote ~ Future

“The beckoning counts, not the clicking latch behind you.”

Alice Bailly art.
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Arianna Huffington Quote Success

“In the new definition of success, building and looking after our financial capital is not enough.  We need to do everything we can to protect and nurture our human capital.”

Alexei Jawlersky art.
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Angela Merkel Quote – Women

“I am not here for women only….but also for women.”

Adrien Morceau art.
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Virginia Woolf Quote ~ Self


“No need to be anybody but oneself.”

A.C.W. Duncan art.
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Rosa Luxemburg Quote – Militarism

“…we are convinced that militarism can only be abolished from the world with the destruction of the capitalist class state.”

Emile Bernard art.
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Mary Wollstonecraft Quote – Woman

“It is an affection for the whole human race…that leads me earnestly to wish to see woman placed in a station in which she would advance…”

Emmanuel Costa art.
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Betty Williams Quote – Patriotism

“Patriotism kills.”

Andre Lhote art.
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Arianna Huffington Quote – Music

“Music can reach those places where words alone can’t go.”

De Scott Evans art.
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Anais Nin Quote -Sex

“The fuel that ignites sexuality is intellectual, imaginative, romantic, emotional.  This is what gives sex its surprising textures, its subtle transformations, its aphrodisiac elements.”

Camille Lambert art.
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Virginia Woolf Quote – Friends

“I have lost friends, some by death…others by sheer inability to cross the street.”

Edouard Vuillarad art.
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Elizabeth 1 Quote ~ Conscience

“A clear and innocent conscience fears nothing.”

Alexei Harlamov art.
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Freya Stark Quote ~ Happiness

“There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do.”

Albert André painting.
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Dorothy Hodgkin Quote ~ Moments

“There are two moments that are important.  There’s the moment whenyou know you can find out the answer and that’s the period you are sleepless before you know what it is.”

Alice Pike Barney art.
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Rosa Luxemburg Quote ~ Chains

“Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.”

Albert Edelfeit art.
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Virginia Woolf Quote ~ Self

“I am rooted but I flow.”

Allen Tucker art.
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Betty Williams Quote ~ Wars

“God doesn’t start wars.  That’s the greatest load of nonsense. Mankind starts wars.  But then we bless the armies to go and kill in God’s name.  Somebody’s got to blow that myth out of the water.”

Edward Lamson art.
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