Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Poet of Christian spirituality as response to personal crises in life, woes and struggles of women, natural calamities,violence and terror. She expresses poetic sensitivity to events in our history that reflect conflicts in culture, religion and ideologies. Elizabeth writes from the eyes of faith, attempting to read the signs of our time in the light of the source of love and life that has called us to be responsible stewards as we commit ourselves to acts of love, compassion, peace and justice.

The poems were written during her time as a student, teacher, pastor, ecumenical and community worker in the Philippines, as a missionary in Nepal, teacher, wife, mother, and as a cultural worker in Denmark, stretching a period of more than twenty years. She writes to those who seek life, to those who despair, and to those who want to be inspired. in celebrating beauty and human creativity.  Elizabeth has illustrated some poems with her own paintings.

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