Irma Kurtz

Irma Kurtz


Born in the states, but working in Europe most of her life, Irma Kurtz has spent 40 years ministering to other people, inciting outcry – and the occasional death threat – along the way.

She is a journalist and writer – the author of two novels, three travel books, three self-help manuals – but it is for her column in Cosmopolitan that she is best known.

To the women who first wrote to her in the 1970s she was a significant figure, proof that it was OK to talk openly about sex and relationships; to subsequent generations she has been a wise voice in the wilderness, as at home with a possessive boyfriend as she is with a multiple orgasm, as adept at dissecting office politics as she is at finessing mother-and-daughter relationships.

Read more of the interview to learn about this very interesting woman.

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