Mairead Morrigan Maguire

Mairead Corrigan (Maguire) (born 1944),  is a peace activist from Northern Ireland who co-founded the Women for Peace, which later became the Community for Peace People, an organization dedicated to encouraging a peaceful resolution of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. She was awarded the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize.

Mairead became active with the Northern Ireland peace movement after three of her sister’s children, Anne Maguire, were killed by a car driven by Danny Lennon, a Provisional Irish Republican Army  fugitive who had been fatally shot by British troops while trying to make a getaway.

After a prolonged battle with depression over the loss of her children, her sister committed suicide in 1980. A year and a half later, Mairead would marry Jackie Maguire, her late sister’s widower. She has three stepchildren and two children of her own.

Mairead is an outspoken critic of U.S. and British policy in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan. She has also  been personally critical of U.S. President Barack Obama’s leadership.

There is so much more to read about Mairead’s accomplishments on wikipedia.

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