Clara Martin

(Brett) Clara Martin was born, and spent her entire life in Toronto, Canada. She was  the youngest of the 12 children who were all well educated.

In 1890, she obtained a mathematics degree from Trinity College and began a teaching career. But when, in 1891, she made known to the Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario) that she sought admission to the bar, an extraordinary sequence of events was put in motion.

Some of the trash Clara had to put up with:“because of the natural limitations, duties and delicacies” of women, their admission to the practice of law would “bring shame and ridicule on courts of law”

Clara Martin, barrister and solicitor, made her way through several Toronto law firms eventually opening up her own firm in 1906, at 125 College Street. But succeed she did, mostly in family law, wills and estates. She was an enthusiastic public speaker and spoke on the issue of women voting rights every chance she got. She supported the establishment of a Women’s Court.

Read Clara’s biography at the Dictionary of Canadian

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