Karen Clark Quote ~ Sacred Feminine


“…the season of the sacred feminine is upon us, bringing with it a return to a simpler, natural, life-centered ethos that puts people and the environment above money and things.”

Art by Carl Holsoe.
Karen Clark bio.



  1. Hello, Thanks so much for sharing my quote. Very wonderful to see it on this beautiful page. Would it be possible to change the author from unknown to Karen Clark or Path of She. Thanks!


  2. Hi Karen. Thanks for stopping by and helping me improve the post. I have changed the title for you but I’m not sure what country you are from? Let me know and I’ll put you in the right category. I tried emailing you but it got sent back…


    1. Hi Francine, Thanks so much! I am from Canada. I wonder why my e-mail didn’t go through? Strange! What a great site! I have subscribed and I will share it on my fb page. Blessings, Karen


  3. This is the dawning of the ‘Matriarch Society’.

    “Whether we like it or not we are advocating a return to a spiritual way of life, one that puts spirit energy back into the materialist equation — and this threatens the whole power base of materialist science which is at present the ruling dogma.”

    —Where Science and Magic Meet, by Serena Roney Dougal, PhD


    1. Will definitely be making a quote with that one Alan. Thank you. So many smart women…and smart men who allow themselves to listen to them. I appreciate you sharing it. ❥


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